Connecting Real People

Introducing YAKKA

We believe genuine connection is a basic human need not being met today in this online dominated world.

The way we create genuine human connection is by getting people offline and meeting in person around shared interests.

YAKKA is the app for that.

Download today and start living a better connected life. 


Embracing remote and hybrid work arrangements offers many benefits, but it becomes a concern when it starts affecting employees' mental well-being and the overall company culture. YAKKA provides solutions to address these challenges with your own branded app.

Event Organisers

YAKKA revolutionises group and event organisation by effortlessly connecting organisers with attendees. Easily communicate, engage and boost retention rates, making every gathering an unforgettable experience


Explore the power of YAKKA, an app that brings people with together in person. Whether you're looking for a casual dog walk or an extraordinary adventure, discover genuine connections like never before. Read on to unlock the magic of YAKKA!