About us

YAKKA is an exciting new app that launched in May 2023. The app helps you safely connect with people in person. Whether to meet up with existing friends, join a group or local event, or to meet someone new, YAKKA helps you connect with real humans easily, quickly and safely. 

The YAKKA team is made up of three people who just wanted to help get the world talking and meeting up again after the restrictions of covid showed us how important this is to everyone.


We love entrepreneurship, care deeply about mental health and have an unhealthy passion for dogs! We like to work with positive people to realise YAKKA’s full potential.


Ali Carter
Founder of YAKKA
Entrepreneur - Author
Mental Health - Ex-Police

Danielle Day
Co-Founder of YAKKA
Dogs - Self-Help
Psychology - Gym

Simon Ellson
Co-Founder of YAKKA
Mentor - Business Coach Family - Self-Development


Our Mission

Enables anyone, anywhere to connect in person by making it easy to find others with shared interests and bring back genuine human connection in an increasingly digital world

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for genuine human connections

Our Values

Be Genuine – in all we do, bring our authentic self

Trust – We keep users and their data safe and creating a safe space to engage

Simplicity – keep it simple, make it easy for people to connect with each other

Engage – We have a sense of humour, enjoy what we do, choose our attitude, love people (and their dogs!)

Create Value – for every user and the societies we operate in