Introducing YAKKA, the app that redefines corporate culture in this era of remote working.


With an increasing number of employees working from home, the lack of human connection can be a challenge. YAKKA addresses this issue head-on by enabling company employees to connect in person based on their location and shared interests.


We also helo foster genuine connections between colleagues and managers, encouraging face-to-face meetings, revitalising company culture and significantly boosting employee retention.


Beyond just facilitating meetings, our app provides valuable insights for management by delving into the interests and hobbies of employees. This understanding allows leaders to connect on a personal level, making employees feel more valued and appreciated.


The result? A positive impact on the quality of work and an enhanced sense of belonging that further contributes to increased employee retention.


Elevate your corporate culture with YAKKA and bring the human connection back into your workplace.

Easy To Connect

Geolocated connections
The app connects users with other local employees for an in-person activity or conversation. Users can ping out requests for activities based on location and/or interests, e.g. Does anyone fancy a walk at lunchtime?


Individual and group activities
Set hobbies and indicate interests with # search and
find individual employees or groups locally with similar interests e.g. dogs, football or gym 


Improved Culture

Positive interactions with your work colleagues is the main factor that impacts on company culture. YAKKA makes these interactions easier and simpler to arrange

Helping Company Culture

New Employees

YAKKA is the perfect way to introduce new employees to a great company culture that provides a sense of belonging and improves employee satisfaction and retention rates. 



Teams can use YAKKA to set up regular events, specific to teams or groups of employees and communicate all the relevant details. 


Mental Health

YAKKA helps people connect in person, which is proven to help with loneliness, anxiety and depression.