Event Organisers

Welcome to YAKKA, the ultimate solution for event and group organisers!


Are you tired of struggling with attendee acquisition and retention?


Look no further. YAKKA is here to revolutionise your event planning experience.


Our innovative app empowers organisers to seamlessly connect with potential attendees by pinging individuals based on their interests, hobbies, and location, inviting them to join your event.


Once attendees are on board, YAKKA continues to enhance their experience by facilitating effortless communication and connection with fellow participants.


Stay in the loop with real-time updates, notifications for future and similar events and create a vibrant community around your gatherings.


With YAKKA, organising and maintaining successful events has never been more efficient.

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Fuelling Your Events

Geolocated events
The app offers local users a hyper-targeted list of events in their location or based on their interests. Making it easy for attendees to find your event. 


Individual and group activities
Users can indicate interests with # search and
find events or groups based on their interests. Organisers can ping these users based on their interests, e.g. business conference or dog walking


Ongoing engagement

Attendees can make real connections and continue to interact after the event which makes it easier for organisers to retarget and grow their attendee base

Easy Communication

Create your group or event and immediately send it to people within a set radius based on their gender, interests and hobbies


Group discussions

Attendees can communicate in a group chat or arrange a 1-2-1 chat with someone from the event.



Notify attendees of important announcements regarding your event that don’t need a group response (e.g. Be back from lunch at 1:30 pm)