Welcome to YAKKA, where meaningful connections happen naturally!


Our app is your go-to platform for connecting with like-minded individuals, in person, based on shared interests, hobbies and location.


Imagine this: you’re in the mood for a brisk dog walk and with YAKKA, all you need to do is ping out a request to fellow users who share your passion for #dogs and #walking.


Users with similar interests can then respond and join you for a dog walk, turning a simple stroll into a social experience.


YAKKA takes the guesswork out of finding activity partners by seamlessly connecting people with common interests, fostering genuine connections and turning everyday activities into memorable shared experiences.


Embrace the power of genuine human connection with YAKKA, where your next adventure is just a ping away!

Easy Human Connection

Geolocated connections
The app connects users with other local people for an in-person activity or conversation. Users can ping out requests for activities based on location and/or interests, e.g. Does anyone fancy a walk at lunchtime?



Individual and group activities
Set hobbies and indicate interests with # search and
find or create individual meets or groups locally with similar interests e.g. dogs, football or gym – Create a private or public group.



Meet Existing or New Friends

YAKKA makes social interactions easier and simpler to arrange. You can invite existing friends easily or ping out an invite to anyone local, based on gender and hobbies.

In-App Safety

Safety is Built-In

Your safety is our key concern, so we have factored in loads of tools to make sure you have a great experience. Included are:


  • Built-in safety alarm (it’s loud!)
  • Users verified via photo
  • Nominate a friend to let them know you are safe
  • View ratings to see other users’ experiences
  • Offensive or inappropriate words and images auto-flagged for review
  • Block and report functions